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If you start at the top, you can move in only one direction — downward.

Perhaps the worst thing that might have happened to you would be to have been born with the proverbial silver spoon in your mouth. For had you been born into privilege, you would have been deprived of one of the world’s greatest gifts: the opportunity to reach the highest levels of success of which you are capable, solely on the basis of your own merit. If you were born with less than most, don’t resent others who seem to have more advantages. In truth, the real advantage is yours, for you will develop the self-confidence that comes only from meeting life’s challenges on your own terms. As you progress, you gain the strength and knowledge necessary to assure your enduring success, things that cannot be given to you, but must be earned.
Constancy of purpose is the first principle of success.

It is critical to your success that you have a well-thought-out plan for your life and that you stick with it regardless of what others may say and the obstacles you encounter. There will always be fault-finders and those who attempt to persuade you that your goals aren’t worth the effort you put into achieving them. Those people will never go far, and they will be the first to ask for your help after you have passed them by. Virtually every successful person has considered giving up at some point in his or her struggle to reach the top. And many breakthroughs occurred soon after those same people rededicated themselves to their purpose. There is no known obstacle that cannot be overcome by a person who has constancy of purpose, a Positive Mental Attitude, and the discipline and willpower to succeed.
Conceive, Believe, Achieve.

Whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe, the mind can achieve.
Life says, “make good or make room, but don’t make excuses.”

In today’s management parlance, “Lead , follow, or get out of the way.” When you are actively working toward a goal, there are no failures; there are only degrees of success. Choose to be a leader. Take the initiative. When you are faced with a problem or a difficult decision, don’t waste endless hours agonizing over the solution. If you analyze the situation objectively, you will always find an answer. Don’t focus on the problem; focus on the solution. Then get into action. As W. Clement Stone has often said, “The emotions are not always subject to reason, but they are always subject to action!”

In your search for the secret of the method, do not look for a miracle, because you will not find it. You will find only the eternal laws of nature.
South Korea 13 - 20 Feb Confirmed!
Drifting, without aim or purpose, is the first cause of failure.

Without a plan for your life, it is easier to follow the course of least resistance, to go with the flow, to drift with the current with no particular destination in mind. Having a definite plan for your life greatly simplifies the process of making hundreds of daily decisions that affect your ultimate success. When you know where you want to go, you can quickly decide if your actions are moving you toward your goal or away from it. Without definite, precise goals and a plan for their achievement, each decision must be considered in a vacuum. Definiteness of purpose provides context and allows you to relate specific actions to your overall plan.

Jan. 30th, 2012

If you know your own mind, you know enough to keep it always positive.

You may not fully understand the complex process that causes electricity to be generated and transmitted to your home. But you understand very well how to apply and use it to illuminate your home, power your computer, and perform hundreds of other essential tasks. The same is true of your mind. No one understands the incredibly complex workings of the brain; we know only that when we use our mind in a certain way, we achieve a desired result. If we think positively, we achieve positive results.

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- visited 3 places during the CNY Days 1 and 2. Glad that I brought my cam along. Day 3 went gym in late afternoon, met gals for dinner at sentosa broadwalk, quite worth it for the $30++ set dinner, the salad was a lil salty for my taste. Day 4 was much spent resting at home. Day 5 back to work, the company lunch at Yan Palace, quite enticed by the ktv system in the room. Day 6, which is now, needa mug for exam at 7pm, Management accounting. Day 7, gonna attend a talk 12-3pm, Novel's place 3-6pm. Perhaps head home to rest and prepare for new work week, following Sat is econs paper... :P First mth of 2012 is over next week!

- what i am looking forward these days? quick complete the degree! boating course in march. korea in march? exams in feb and april. my room was still nt tidy, gonna do it again and again. about 1 year + to age 30, a lil scary... pray for gd health, money to be more than enuff, happy with all relationships.